That creepy accidental stalkerish moment when you recognize a guy working at trader joes because you’ve been stalking the local crossfit gyms’ FB pages.

I didn’t say anything .. obviously.

Posted 6 days ago.
We caught the mouse!!!

Took 2 tries with a humane trap & some cheese and PB.

Fun without the internet. Chyeahhh. Time to stop using my data.

Posted 1 week ago.
Here we gooooo

Finally settled in. Field housing isn’t glamorous. My window is slightly busted and I already saw a mouse. We just set traps. Also don’t think there’s Internet … sooooo yeah.

Right now I’ll have two housemates, both guys. I’ve met one so far; he’s super nice, very clean cut, has a very deep manly voice with a slight southern accent, and is super gentlemanly. He kept apologizing for the mouse even though it’s not his fault! He’s just an intern too! He got here yesterday and is just as clueless.

Will update when I meet housemate 2. I think he’s probably more of a hippie but that’s just judging from the guitar and Amish bread dough on the kitchen counter.

+ Home for the next 6 months.  New chapter starts now.

Home for the next 6 months. New chapter starts now.

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+ Sweet baby Jesus this is heaven in a jar.

Sweet baby Jesus this is heaven in a jar.

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the follow through.

I am the queen of fervently starting things … only to get bored/burned out a few weeks in and drop them. 

I need to commit to something smaller (like short runs and simple bodyweight strength training) before even inquiring about a box.  So maybe by mid-october/november I’ll be ready.

I get so excited with new starts that I overwhelm myself.  Ease yourself in Victoria … no more burn outs.  


Very excited to start a new chapter. I once again have the ability to re-define myself. 😀 Meeting one of my supervisors and moving into my new place Wednesday. First day on Monday,

Over the next 6 months I will aim to take advantage of every opportunity for professional development and networking (grad school on the brain). I will challenge myself in the fitness realm (crossfit will finally be tried). I will stop eating whatever and however much I want (why did I start doing that again).

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This is the part of packing where I hate myself for owning so much STUFF. Can’t just one suitcase be enough?  Nope. 

clothes. shoes. gear. equipment. food. bedding. toiletries. cleaning stuff. paperwork. books. random shit.    ughhh. 

And I’m so attached to it all too … I feel so materialistic and stupid. 

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